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Hi Everyone,

I was almost killed by a kitten yesterday. My wife went to the airport to pick up a super nice kitten from Margie at Snopride on Wednesday. I think that kitten is a little furry assassin sent to kill me. I have been on bed rest for around three weeks or a little longer now. Anyway I digress, my wife brings the little furry assassin in and puts her on the bed with me. She looks at me with the usual kitten loving face and of course makes me smile and she starts walking towards me with that sweet look. When she gets to my face that is when she attacked. She put her head under my nose and over my mouth blocking my breathing. I tried to call for help but her purring was so loud no one could hear me. I rolled over to my side and she attacked me again with the same tactics. I thought to myself that this would be the end of me.

Just as I was about to pass out she started marking my nose with her nose and purring so hard no one could still hear me screaming (inside). The she spun around and laid down under my arm with belly up and was looking at me with those sweet (yeah right) eyes and purring so loud that the lady at 911 that I had called thought I was being killed with a chainsaw. Then all of the sudden she went to sleep. I am keeping my eye on her… So if you purchase a kitten from Snopride beware of the sweet loving personality of the kittens and keep an eye on them. I could see the headlines in the paper now, Man snuggled to death by kitten…

After being laid up with my back for a little over three weeks and then getting this incredible little one to replace the smile in my heart all I can say is THANKS Margie for such a sweet little purring machine :)

Gerald Adams



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