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BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are sooooooo excited here at SnoPRide about our new boy Galensis Jazz B Magic AKA JB. In his short show career he has been the Best Bengal Kitten several times.

This boy is very special to us as we bred his sire RW SGC SnoPride Junglejazz News of Cazpurr JB is a culmination of many years of breeding of 2 outstanding Bengal breeding programs-----Gogees & SnoPride. We are very grateful that Monique De Jongh raised such an outstanding representative of these programs & allowing us to have him.

We are very excited to continue to show him & breeding him in anticipation of outstanding offspring.

7th Best Bengal In TICA

KITTENS --------------- KITTENS!

At this time we have outstanding brown, silver & snow kittens available. Please go to Kittens Available page for more details.


We at SnoPride are having an exciting year ---------- producing some outstanding kittens. We do have a very few select kittens available as pets, please check Available Kittens page for this information

We are about to welcome a new Sire to our program ----------- actually bringing back some of my wonderful Wurthy lines from a Sire that I bred & now he is siring some outstanding kittens. I will be putting up his pictures very soon & he will be seen in the show halls this fall.

We are retiring some of our best, very young producing queens so that they may live the loved home life that they deserve as a companion These girls are only 1 year old & have been raised in my house & are very sweet. They will be spayed, vaccinated, wormed, microchipped for a very reasonable fee. So if you are looking for a beautiful, loving older companion please see our Available Retirees page.

At SnoPride Bengals we are dedicated to breeding. When a SnoPride kitten leaves to go to their new home we want to help make this transition to be as easy as possible for the new family & kitten. Our kittens have been raised in our home with our Maltese & French-bo that take their socialization job very seriously.

In the 13 years we have been breeding Bengals, we have always worked to improve our breeding program and have produced several Supreme Champions.

Showing our offspring keeps us in touch with the Bengal breed standard and helps us continue in our breeding goals of producing the "purrfect" Bengal.

I would like to THANK all my fellow breeders for
honoring SnoPride with this award.



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